6 Tips For Getting Along With Any Boss

(CC0 image via Pixabay)
(CC0 image via Pixabay)

This post was contributed by Yung-Hui Chen, a current student in the Touro Graduate School of Business MBA program:

When you were at the first day of your new job, you found out that your boss doesn’t laugh at your jokes like all your friends do and he seems like a very serious person. You don’t get a lot of chances to talk to him even though your desk is near his office, because he is always busy. You start to worry that he is not impressed with you, or even worse, that you got into the wrong company. But you need this job, and it seems like it could be your dream job. What are you going to do? Don’t worry, there are several things you can do to improve the situation.
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Too much text?

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Videos can offer a break from a heavy reading load, refreshing your mind and allowing you to refocus your attention. If last week’s lecture is fuzzy in your memory, you will likely be able to find a video on your topic to help refresh the material in your mind. Video clips can also be extremely useful in giving oral presentations.  Continue reading

The New York Medical College Health Sciences Library: A New Member of the TCL Family

NYMC original location - picture 1
NYMC in its original location on Third Ave

In 1860, William Cullen Bryant and other civic leaders in New York City founded the New York Homeopathic Medical College in the building above, located at Third Avenue and 20th Street. The college moved several times in Manhattan, the most recent location being Fifth Avenue and 106th Street, where it was known as the New York Medical College, Flower Hospital and Fifth Avenue Hospital, before moving to Westchester. Continue reading

Staff Profile: Valerie Shrager

10533688_513149538815782_9006384022409636595_nMy name is Valerie Shrager, and I am the Library Assistant at Touro College Midtown. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine but have lived in New York for most of my life. I am fluent in Russian as well as English. Before working at the library, I attended Touro College, where I got my BA in Psychology.  During that time, I also did work-study in the Graduate School of Social Work.   Continue reading

Back-to-School Moms

Graduating college is always a proud achievement, but perhaps even moreso for student mothers (CC 3.0 image by Fernando M. Larez)

This post was contributed by Touro College of Pharmacy student Saule Bekbayeva. She is a 2017 Pharm. D. candidate.

One day my son came up to me and said: “Maman, Je veux un peu de lait.”

I cried: “What?”

He repeated: “Je…LAIT!!!!”

I said: “I don’t understand. I am sorry go ask your dad!”

As I was making the bed in the morning, rushing to get out of the house to get to classes, I looked at him he as he was making a swirling sound and pointing his thumb into his open mouth. I asked my boyfriend what my son wanted to drink – milk or water?  It turned out he wanted milk. (FYI: lait is milk, d’eau is water. I always get confused in pronouncing these words.)

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New Kid on the (Citation) Block: Proquest Flow


There are lots of tools available to help you navigate the minutia of citation style guidelines (first name or initial? period or comma? italics or not? and what on earth do I do with the 3rd edition of an e-book with 7 editors translated from German?) and keep your research organized (I know I read the perfect quote, if only I could remember where!). They vary from free online citation generators, like Citation Machine or EasyBib, to more robust software that allows you to save citations, articles, notes and more – you might be familiar with NoodleTools or have read our post on Mendeley. ProQuest Flow is one of the newest additions to your options for reference managers, but it’s one of my favorites. Continue reading

Tips to Beat Stress

(CC image via Pixabay)
(CC image via Pixabay)

Stress is part of the everyday life of almost every person old enough to have responsibilities and deadlines. Stressed is an inevitable state of being that everyone at some time or another has felt or will feel. It can not only take a toll on our minds but on our bodies as well. Personally, my stress tends to build not only in my brain but in my neck and back as tightly bound knots. Over time I have learned some mindful relaxation tips and techniques to help relieve my stress that I want to share with you. Continue reading