Textbook Heroes: William Finn

Welcome to our series recognizing champions of free and affordable course materials at Touro! These “Textbook Heroes” have made a difference in the lives of our students by lowering the cost of their degrees. Do you know someone who fits the bill? Nominate them (or yourself) by contacting the Libraries.

Since 2020, Prof. Finn has saved his students approximately $15,085 by teaching with open educational resources (OER) rather than costly, commercial textbooks!

Who are you? Tell us more about you and the course you teach. 

I am William Finn, an Adjunct Professor in the NYSCAS Business and Accounting Department. I have taught management and marketing courses in almost all the Touro locations  in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. 

Describe your previous textbooks and what your class was like. 

Previously, I used the standard textbooks; however, in the last few years with the availability of quality OER textbooks, I have made it a practice to research the availability of free OER textbooks before assigning a text for any course. I have found, especially for level 100 and 200 courses in business, there were some excellent free textbooks. 

Describe your students’ reactions to the open textbook – content and/or cost. 

My students really appreciated the OER textbooks. For many of the students the cost of a textbook is a major expense. With the OER textbook, we can all be literally on the same page. 

What would you say to other faculty members who are considering switching to OER? 

I encourage all my colleagues, with the help of our excellent Touro Library Staff, to research the OER textbooks in your discipline before assigning a text for your class.