Printing in the Libraries

Why do you see a pop-up box when you try to print something in the library?


All library computers have software called PaperCut installed on them.  The pop-up box you see when you click “Print” on a document is part of PaperCut.

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Free iPad App


As some of our incoming students will be receiving iPads this year, the Touro College Libraries would like to help students navigate their device and learn different ways to use their iPad as an academic tool. There are tons of useful tips and tricks for the student iPad user, as well as free apps geared specifically toward our programs of study! Here is one of many…

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The Inventory

The Inventory
Have you seen the Touro library staff on step-stools in the stacks a lot lately?  Do you hear beeping noises in the library?  The Touro College Libraries are taking an inventory this summer.  This requires us to scan the barcode of every single physical item in our collection.  At the Bay Shore library, that is over 11,000 books, DVDs, VHS tapes and CD-ROMs.  It is a time-consuming and tedious task but it is very important for keeping the collection in order and becoming aware of missing or mislabeled items.  While doing inventory we ‘clean up’ too – dust the shelves, remove the occasional due date card left in a book, and identify items that need to be repaired or removed from the collection.  A side benefit of doing inventory is the opportunity to get better acquainted with the collection.  Over the past two years that I have worked in the Bay Shore library I have become familiar with the books and resources that are most widely used by our students and faculty, but being involved in the inventory gives librarians a chance to see some interesting titles that we may not have come across otherwise.


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Library Research 101

Fast Track to Better Student Research

            The ability to perform research and incorporate the findings into an established base of knowledge to produce a written report is a foundational skill of higher education. Many students struggle with this task, understandably overwhelmed by the wealth of information made available by the Internet and other electronic resources, as well as the details of academic conventions. In an effort to help professors address the needs of these students, librarians have provided library instruction sessions, web resources, and individual assistance. Touro libraries are pleased to announce an additional tool now at our college’s disposal. We have recently created an independent information literacy and library skills tutorial available via Blackboard.


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