Write For The TC Library Blog

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Touro College Libraries blog!

Here are some guidelines to follow as you formulate your post:


Contributed posts should be of a topic related to the library or of interest to the Touro College community. They should be written in a popular, rather than academic, tone and should be written with attention paid to proper grammar and spelling.

Examples of appropriate topics: special research topics, book recommendations related to a timely topic, library services

Examples of inappropriate topics: political ideas and arguments, heavily philosophical topics, scholarly paper excerpts, non-library promotional posts (whether of your own material or someone else’s)

All opinions in a post are considered the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Touro College, the Libraries, any members of those organizations, or the editors of the blog. However, we will not publish any topic that could negatively reflect any of those parties.


Posts should be submitted as a Word document to the blog manager and include the following:

Title: Please include a suggested title for your post that is no longer than five words.

Length: Your post should be no more than 500 words.

Attribution: Please include an attribution statement at the bottom of your post in the form: Name, Title at Campus. For example, Sue Smith, Librarian at Lander College for Women.

Pictures: Please include three or four images for the post. These images should be licensed with a Creative Commons license or be in the public domain. If you have taken your own photos and would like to use those, please be sure to note this and that you grant permission for their use.

Sites for finding CC-licensed/public domain images:

References: Please reference any outside sources with APA citations at the bottom of your post and hyperlinks in the body of your post where appropriate.

The blog manager will edit for content, formatting, grammar, and clarity, but authors may be asked to do any significant editing based on the manager’s review against these guidelines.

Comments are open to the public. Any comments made on posts are mediated by WordPress and moderated by blog administrators.

We welcome posts from across the Touro community, including submissions from students, faculty, and staff at all Touro College campuses. Please note that we reserve the right reject any posts that do not meet our standards for content or quality.

Guidelines adopted 8/25/20

If you are interested in writing for our blog, please contact us below for more information.

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