BrowZine for your I-Pad


If you have an I-Pad and you are on the run but want to continue working, try BrowZine!  BrowZine is a new Library App built specifically for the I-Pad.  You will be surprised at how much interesting information you can find and how much research you can get done while you are on the subway, the road (just not behind the wheel please!) or even 30,000 feet in the air.

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Searching: Google to Databases

“Database Searching” is part of Touro Libraries’ new Savvy Researcher video series.
Watch above or get the low down on database searching below.

If Google can sometimes seem like a mind-reading magical genie, Databases are more like that persnickety substitute teacher who insists you ask “May I” instead of “Can I go to the restroom?” But don’t let that scare you away! Although databases might be a little bit more particular about how you enter your searches, once you become familiar with a few key features, you’ll be able to pull up dozens of relevant, credible, academic articles in far less time than it would take to sift through millions of questionable Google results.

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