Ebola – Where to get the facts

(CC image by Mike Licht)

Overwhelmed by the constant stream of news about Ebola?

The media hype surrounding the Ebola Virus in the United States and abroad has allowed for an astounding amount of information to permeate our daily lives.  Having access to the most current and reliable information is crucial when dealing with any public health emergency, in this case an infectious disease.

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BrowZine for your I-Pad


If you have an I-Pad and you are on the run but want to continue working, try BrowZine!  BrowZine is a new Library App built specifically for the I-Pad.  You will be surprised at how much interesting information you can find and how much research you can get done while you are on the subway, the road (just not behind the wheel please!) or even 30,000 feet in the air.

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