BrowZine for your I-Pad


If you have an I-Pad and you are on the run but want to continue working, try BrowZine!  BrowZine is a new Library App built specifically for the I-Pad.  You will be surprised at how much interesting information you can find and how much research you can get done while you are on the subway, the road (just not behind the wheel please!) or even 30,000 feet in the air.

The journals Browzine (the newsstand for scholarly periodicals) has to offer are some of the leading titles in their respective field of study.  You can create your own bookshelf with your favorite titles, save articles of interest, email articles to yourself or your colleagues or put them into Dropbox or Zotero.

To get Browzine on your I-Pad:

*Go to the App Store; (or click on the BrowZine icon above).

*Download the FREE application

*Once installed, open BrowZine

*Select Touro College Libraries – NY as your institution

*Sign into BrowZine using your Library off-campus access Username and Password (which you will only have to do one time)

If you have not yet registered for an off campus account with the Library, please do so here

A few simple steps and the journals you need to complete your research should be loaded right on your I-Pad!  Enjoy the ride and Happy BrowZing!

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