Library Staff Profile: Ryan Fassett

Welcome to the latest in our series of Library staff profiles. Ryan Fassett recently joined the Touro community as Library Assistant at the Health Sciences Library in Central Islip. Ryan was kind enough to answer some questions about himself below:

Ryan Fassett, Library Assistant, Health Sciences Library.
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Meet Our OER Faculty Fellows

The Library is pleased to introduce our second cohort of faculty fellows! These three Touro instructors recently completed the Touro University Open Educational Resources Faculty Fellowship, presented by Touro Libraries in collaboration with the Office of the Provost. The fellowship has been successful in lowering the cost of education for our students and filling subject gaps, providing open educational materials in disciplines where they were previously lacking, like Health Sciences and Law.

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Textbook Heroes: Kenneth Bigel

Kenneth S. Bigel, Lander College for Men.

Welcome to our series recognizing champions of free and affordable course materials at Touro! These “Textbook Heroes” have made a difference in the lives of our students by lowering the cost of their degrees. Do you know someone who fits the bill? Nominate them (or yourself) by contacting the Libraries.

Dr. Bigel has partnered with Touro Libraries to publish a series of peer-reviewed open textbooks on the Pressbooks platform. Introduction to Financial Analysis, the first book in the series is available here.

Who are you? Tell us more about you and the course you teach. 

I am a former Wall Street executive who did stints in Asset Management, International Commercial Lending, Corporate Strategic Planning, and Forensic Finance. I hold M.B.A. and Ph.D. degrees from NYU and am a Certified Financial PlannerTM registrant. I taught Finance at NYU from 1989-1998 and since 2000 have been teaching Finance with pleasure at the Lander College for Men, Touro University. I have published two e-books in a series which will eventually number five OER volumes. Over the years, I have found that my students ask questions from perspectives that I had not considered. I have endeavored to inculcate these questions into my books. These texts were written for them and the students have taught me so much. Thus, the texts are written in a most friendly manner and are replete with examples and exercises so that the learner can proceed smoothly through the material.  

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Over Half A Million Dollars Saved!

It’s Open Education Week, and this year we’re kicking it off with a bang. We will be sharing posts throughout the week about what the Touro University community has been doing with open education in the past year. We’ve been busy! But first, we are thrilled to share the news that we have just reached a big milestone…

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Open Education Week 2023

March 6-10th, is Open Education Week!

It’s that time of year again, where the global education community comes together to highlight open educational practices. It’s all about celebrating successes, highlighting innovations, and sharing resources! This whole week, on the blog, we will be shining a light on what’s happening with open education at Touro. In addition to our posts, you can check out the official Open Education Week website to see what others around the country (and world!) are doing, find open resources you can use, and learn more about open education.

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Who is that masked man? Happy Purim!

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Book of Esther, Hebrew, c. 1700-1800 AD - Royal Ontario Museum - DSC09614.JPG •Uploaded by Daderot Created: November 20, 2011
image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Book of Esther, Hebrew, c. 1700-1800 AD – Royal Ontario Museum – DSC09614.JPG  Uploaded by Daderot Created: November 20, 2011

[this post, by Toby Krausz, Judaica Librarian, was written in 2019 and has been updated for publication March, 2023. After reading Toby’s great history of Purim, we recommend this recent piece about the beautiful Esther scrolls in the collection of the Library of Congress, here.]

On the night of Monday, March 6th, after having fasted all day Jews all over the world will gather in synagogues, houses of worship, places of study, and sometimes in their own homes to hear the story of Purim.

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Remembering Ruth Schneider

The following post was originally published in 2014. Earlier this month, former Touro Archival Assistant Ruth Schneider passed away. Ruth previously served as Administrative Assistant in the office of Touro founder Rabbi Dr. Bernard Lander. In honor of her dedication for over 30 years of service, we share this look back at Ruth Schneider’s legacy and contributions to Touro University.

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Getting started in the Archives, with over 60 very large cartons…and a stack of steno pads, seen at lower right in the foreground.

When I first began organizing the papers of Touro College founder Rabbi Dr. Bernard Lander, I was faced with a variety of documents and information, in an array of formats spanning several decades. Not surprisingly for an institution which started in the 1970s, much of the early history was on paper – photocopies, typewritten originals and handwritten, or longhand notes.

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Reserve a Quiet Study Room

We are excited to share that Touro’s newest library location, at the Cross River Campus (202 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036, 3rd floor, Room 301) now has private study rooms available! In addition to getting assistance from a librarian who can help you in providing much more accurate references than ChatGPT, the new library offers several study rooms so you can prepare for your exams without being distracted by other activities in the library. The best part is that you can easily reserve a study room ahead of time, online. Study rooms can be reserved for individual use or for up to four people to work together.

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Library Staff Profile: David Druelinger

David Druelinger, Scholarly Communications Librarian.

Welcome to the latest in our series of Library staff profiles. David Druelinger recently joined the Touro community as Scholarly Communications Librarian at our new Cross River Campus in Midtown Manhattan. David was kind enough to answer some questions about himself below:

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Touro Libraries now subscribes to PALMs in our database. PALMs allows Touro students to access a number of anatomy modules designed to combine both learning and assessment. This combination is achieved by quizzing students in a game-like fashion on identifying anatomy structures. While quizzing the student, the module is also training them to interpret anatomy images: 

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