Open Until Midnight

Extended hours for Finals Spring 2013For the next three weeks, the Bay Shore campus Library will be open until midnight on selected dates.  There are a total of 7 dates that the library will be open late.  The dates were carefully selected to coincide with the largest number of final exams.  The final exam schedules for all of our degree programs were taken into consideration when choosing the dates.  This is only the second term in which we are experimenting with extended hours during finals.  We will be keeping statistics to see if the service is utilized enough to continue to offer it.  So come on down to your library to study late!  And give us your feedback on our extended hours during finals.


Poem in Your Pocket Day

poem in your pocketApril is National Poetry Month and yesterday was Poem in Your Pocket Day. Here at the Bay Shore campus, we have a champion of Poem in Your Pocket Day. It is Dr. Gerald Barry, our Associate Dean. Each year, Dr. Barry posts flyers around campus to announce the upcoming event. Then on the specified day, he makes his way around campus, sharing his poem with everyone. Actually, this year he shared 6 poems! And one of them was written himself. He also asks each person to share a poem with him. It is obvious that this day has a special meaning to Dr. Barry. He is grinning from ear to ear. To be honest, I’ve never had much interest in poetry. I’ve always been more of an information-seeker than an artist; more logical than creative.  But I don’t want to dissapoint Dr. Barry.  And its funny how someone else’s passion can be contagious. So there I was the evening before, searching our library’s collection for a poem. The Bay Shore campus library has a wide selection of poetry to choose from. I selected a poem by Robert Frost about the year 2000. It was fun to have a poem in my pocket. I think that tapping into my creative/artistic mind can make me a better librarian.  So thank you Dr. Barry.  Next year, I may even write my own poem!