The Streets of New York

(Photo by Matt H. Wade )

New York City Streets are rich with history.  Two of the most famous streets in New York City are Broadway and Wall Street.  Broadway is best known for the theater district, bright with lights and marquees, advertising the dozens of shows currently playing.  Wall Street is associated with money, the financial district, and the New York Stock Exchange.  But have you ever thought about the humble beginnings of these famous New York City Streets? Continue reading

The Iraqi Jewish Archive: The Story and its Implications

Bible: Writings, Venice, 1568 (From the Iraqi Jewish Archive)

On May 6, 2003, American troops were searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Their search led them to Saddam Hussein’s secret police headquarters in Baghdad. Troops had been informed that the building contained a copy of the oldest known Talmud in existence, possibly dating from the 7th century. The decision was made to try to save this document. Continue reading

Why We Have Monday Off: Martin Luther King and His Dream

Martin Luther King, Jr. Montgomery arrest, 1958 (CC0 image via Wikimedia)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Montgomery arrest, 1958 (CC0 image via Wikimedia)

As we come to mid-January, many of us look forward to Martin Luther King Day primarily because we get to enjoy a long weekend. Martin Luther King Day (or MLK Day as I call it), occurs each year on the 3rd Monday of January. This federal holiday was established in order to commemorate Martin Luther King’s birthday (which was January 15, 1929) for his vision of an America where equality and freedom is extended to all citizens. Continue reading

Guest Post: Using social media to advance your career

(CC0 image via Pixabay)
(CC0 image via Pixabay)

The following has been contributed by guest author Eda Seven. Eda is an international student, originally from Turkey, currently attending the Touro Graduate School of Business. If you’d like to write for the TCLibrary blog, please contact us

Social media is important when you’re looking for a new job, as well as before going to a job interview. If a company or interviewer wants to know more about you, they can search your name on Google. They can get a lot of information from LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Because of that, we have to be careful about creating profiles on social media.  Continue reading

Reflect, Set, Go

courtesy of Touro College Libraries Facebook page
Courtesy of Touro College Libraries Facebook page

We are getting closer to or in the midst of inter-session, that time between semesters. While you may not realize it, this time period can be significant. It marks either a rest before continuing on in your studies, a break to reflect on all you’ve learned before you head to graduation, or even a time before you head out to conquer a new goal (like enrolling in graduate school or obtaining your Bachelor’s degree). It is the time to recharge the batteries and to take stock of one’s accomplishments.  Perhaps even to get ready for something entirely new! Continue reading