Reflect, Set, Go

courtesy of Touro College Libraries Facebook page
Courtesy of Touro College Libraries Facebook page

We are getting closer to or in the midst of inter-session, that time between semesters. While you may not realize it, this time period can be significant. It marks either a rest before continuing on in your studies, a break to reflect on all you’ve learned before you head to graduation, or even a time before you head out to conquer a new goal (like enrolling in graduate school or obtaining your Bachelor’s degree). It is the time to recharge the batteries and to take stock of one’s accomplishments.  Perhaps even to get ready for something entirely new!

Sample of career books available in the Bay Shore library print collection.
Sample of career books available in the Bay Shore library’s print collection.

We in the Library are happy to help you reflect and find resources so you can look ahead to the future. Take advantage of this opportunity. Come on in and see what the Library is like in this down time. We have plenty of resources available to help you further your goals: apps to help your productivity in the upcoming semester, resources to assist in your career planning so you can make the most of your new degree, guides and exam prep to help you decide what your next step could be. Check out the resources listed below or visit your local campus library so we can help you find review books or career guides for your chosen field, or maybe even help you choose a field altogether!

App Corner

Graduate Entrance Exams : Graduate Subject Exams

Jobs and Careers: Jobs and Careers

Please remember, be sure to take some time for yourself to reflect on what has happened this past semester, how you can apply what you’ve learned, and to make plans and goals for the future.

Contributed by Edward Schabes, Library Assistant, Midtown.

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