Guest Post: Using social media to advance your career

(CC0 image via Pixabay)
(CC0 image via Pixabay)

The following has been contributed by guest author Eda Seven. Eda is an international student, originally from Turkey, currently attending the Touro Graduate School of Business. If you’d like to write for the TCLibrary blog, please contact us

Social media is important when you’re looking for a new job, as well as before going to a job interview. If a company or interviewer wants to know more about you, they can search your name on Google. They can get a lot of information from LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Because of that, we have to be careful about creating profiles on social media. 

“LinkedIn… purports to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful” (Jeewan, P. 2010). LinkedIn is almost as important as a resume, and all of the business world is using it as a recruiting tool. Our profile picture should be professional. Our language should be clear. If you have a LinkedIn account, ensure that your profile is up to date.

Facebook is the most famous one. This is kind of private,  but  companies love to see things like, who really you are? How is your social life? Which places do you like to go, what are your hobbies, who do you hang out with? They want to see. So they don’t want to see any weird photos on your account.

Building a career is about marketing yourself wee (CC0 image via MorgueFile)
Building a career is about marketing yourself wee (CC0 image via MorgueFile)

On Twitter, what you tweet is important. What is your opinion about the world? It could be ideological, political or something you made fun of. You have to be careful about what kind of words spread from your mind. You can’t just write whatever you want.

“Social media sites can be a great tool in an employment search because you can quickly spread the word about exactly the kind of work you are looking for. But you also need to know how to use them appropriately” (Hosking, R. 2012). There is an advantage of social media before you go to an interview. You can search for the company and get some information online. You can look at the profile of the manager or person who will interview you. Maybe you can find things you have in common, or maybe you graduated from same school or are a member of same sports club. Or mutual friends you never thought of. You can add them to your network list.

Before we can advance our careers, we have to use social media to our advantage and behave professionally.


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Hosking, R. (2012). Using social media to advance your career. OfficePro, 72(2), 3.


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