Guest Post: Using social media to advance your career

(CC0 image via Pixabay)
(CC0 image via Pixabay)

The following has been contributed by guest author Eda Seven. Eda is an international student, originally from Turkey, currently attending the Touro Graduate School of Business. If you’d like to write for the TCLibrary blog, please contact us

Social media is important when you’re looking for a new job, as well as before going to a job interview. If a company or interviewer wants to know more about you, they can search your name on Google. They can get a lot of information from LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Because of that, we have to be careful about creating profiles on social media.  Continue reading

Stay Networked….

(image courtesy of MorgueFile)

You’ve graduated, you have your degree….now what?!? Joining a professional network can really help get your career off the ground.  It can put you in touch with the individuals that have the power to hire or it can simply provide you with the inspiration and confidence you need to get out there and start interviewing.

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