New Library Staff Profile: Michael Kahn

Michael Kahn–Librarian at BP 53

Where were you born? I was born in Brooklyn, New York and have lived there most of my life there.

Where else have you lived? As part of my yeshiva studies, I lived in Jerusalem, Israel and Lakewood, New Jersey.

What languages do you speak? While I am a native English speaker I also can converse in Yiddish and can read and understand Hebrew.

What fields have you studied and/or degrees have you earned? I have an MLS with a Certificate in Archives and Records Management from Queens College and am most interested in information literacy and Open Educational Resources. I have a BA in History with a concentration in American History and twenty-one credits in social studies education grades 7-12.  I am halfway through my Masters in Social Work and recently completed the necessary coursework for a New York State CASAC (Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor) from Cazenovia College. After high school, I pursued Judaic studies in yeshivas for many years.

What is the part of your job that you enjoy the most? Meeting all the wonderfully supportive and inspiring librarians and faculty. Getting to know the students and how I can serve them. Delivering library instruction and explaining the “informational power” of the library to all who will listen.

What do you think will be the most challenging part of your job? Outreach! There is a strong need to raise awareness of how librarians and libraries can help studies and people in general, especially in the Age of Google. This is not unique to any college or library. They used to say “If you build it they will come”. We’ve built the libraries. We still need to keep telling everyone what’s inside.

Your ideal vacation? I’d love to visit Israel again. I also love attending library conferences too, especially if they allow me to visit friends in the area where they are being held.

Any hobbies? Right now I am really into playing chess. I also like playing Sudoku. And of course, I like to read.

Tell us one thing about yourself that most of us probably don’t know.  I like to paint. The Boro Park campus has many beautiful paintings made by the students. I am thinking of hanging some of my own artwork in the library.


Contributed by Michael Kahn, Librarian, Boro Park (53rd Street)

España sobre dues rodes: Parte Dos

(image: Jeff MacDonald, IRCO, Portland, OR)

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, you may have noticed that my trips:

  • Are suddenly suggested by someone other than myself (or involuntary body part movements…or wine)
  • Are something I am a little too easily talked into going on
  • Get broken up into two parts
  • Include potentially perilous transitions between those parts

Of course, this could also all just be me and my flair for the overly dramatic.

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España en dos ruedas: Parte Uno


Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane…I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain.  Jane says, “I’m going away to Spain when I get some money saved.”  I’ve never been to Spain, but I kinda like the music.

Barber of Seville performance poster
Duke University Archives. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

You now know pretty much all ArchivistPhil knew of Spain prior to a week-long trip I just took to that nation. Yup, three little pop songs referring to a country with roots going back as far as 35,000 years. Who says archivists can’t be uncultured boors?

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Starrett City: An Interview with Rita Hilu

This post was originally from 2016. Over the weekend, Starrett City Library Assistant Rita Hilu passed away. Rita was an incredibly important member of the Touro College Libraries staff, and we want to remind everyone of what made her so special to students, faculty, and staff.

Rita Hilu (top left) with students before a library class
Rita Hilu (top left) with faculty and students before a library class

What is the name of your site and where is it located?

The Starrett City Library is located at 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue in
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Library Staff Profile: Starrett City Library Assistant Rita Hilu

This post is originally from 2014. It continues our tribute to Rita Hilu, who passed away last weekend. Rita was an incredibly important member of the Touro College Libraries staff, and we want to remind everyone of what made her so special to students, faculty, and staff.

The Fall 2009 issue of the Starrett City campus newsletter Touro Times featured a glowing profile on one of Touro’s most beloved information professionals, Rita Hilu.

Rita Hilu - Copy

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Thank you again, Rita Hilu

This blog was originally posted in 2015. Over the weekend, Starrett City Library Assistant Rita Hilu passed away. Rita was an incredibly important member of the Touro College Libraries staff, and we want to remind everyone of what made her so special to students, faculty, and staff.

After receiving many positive comments and remarks by Starrett City students and faculty on the Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey in December, Ms. Rita Hilu, our wonderful library staff at Starrett City, responds in her own words with gratitude and encouragement: Continue reading

Staff Profile: Midtown Librarian Juliana Magro

The author in front of the Iguazu Falls in Brazil.

My name is Juliana Magro, and I am the Information Literacy and Instructional Librarian at the Midtown campus. I was born in Brazil, and moved to the United States a few years ago. I speak Portuguese and English, but I can also read Spanish and Italian.



In Brazil, I lived in Rio de Janeiro for 2 years to complete my masters in Linguistics. Rio is a beautiful (although quite chaotic) city. My favorite spot there is a park called Parque Lage. This park sits at the bottom of the Corcovado Mountain, and used to be the residence of industrialists in the 1920’s. It’s a good place to go to with a book for a nice cup of coffee, and then to take a stroll through a patch of forest. Continue reading

Staff Profiles: Heather Hilton

Bay Shore Librarian Heather Hilton

As a Long Island native, it is an honor to work for Touro College School of Health Sciences in Bay Shore NY. Being afforded the opportunity to interact with all of the aspiring professionals and assist them in their research as a librarian fills me with joy.

I became interested in the field of Library and Information Science when I returned to Stony Brook University to earn my Bachelors of Arts in Humanities as an adult student. I learned that I love information and assisting others in locating their own resources. As an undergraduate student, I was allowed to take two graduate level courses in Library Science and these cemented my love of the field and strengthened my resolve to continue my education.  Attending Queens College in Flushing I earned my Masters of Library Science.

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