It’s National Library Week!


National Library Week is being celebrated this week, from April 10-16th. This year’s theme is “Libraries transform.” Libraries, and the knowledge and people within them, have the potential to transform people’s lives in many different ways. At Touro College Libraries, we strive to play a part in our students transformations into successful college graduates. We provide information, assistance, and a comfortable place to study, but it’s our instructional services that are at the heart of our education efforts.  Continue reading


The Flipped Classroom


There are many new strategies being implemented in colleges and universities to try to improve higher education. One of these ideas is called the Flipped Classroom.  In most traditional classrooms, the instructor spends the class time giving a lecture, then assigns work to be done by the students at home.  In a Flipped Classroom, students are assigned to watch video lectures before coming to class and then during the class time, students and instructors actively work together on projects and assignments.  The idea is for the students to do a relatively passive activity (listen to a lecture) on their own, and to utilize classroom time in a more interactive way.  The increased interaction with the instructor and other students is believed to enhance learning.  This is now possible because of technological innovations which make it easy and inexpensive to provide video lectures to students through online course management systems.

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