Scandalous! Librarian Endorses Wikipedia!

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Photo by Carol Schapiro.

Wikipedia is the best thing since sliced bread.  There, I said it!  When it comes to giving you ready answers to pressing questions, like the names of all seven wives of King Henry VII, or all seven husbands of Elizabeth Taylor, Wikipedia is the bomb!

Librarians use it all the time, but they do it in private, like it’s a dirty little secret.  Just yesterday, I needed to know the Georgian surname of Joseph Stalin ( Jugashvili) before he changed his name to the Russian word meaning “man of steel”.  It was easy.  Thank you, Wikipedia! Continue reading

The TCL Time Machine: Smells like Teen Spirits

As we’ve seen in previous posts, Touro’s first library at 30 West 44th street in Manhattan’s Clubhouse District mirrored the growth of the school itself, starting out small but quickly picking up steam and showing signs of bigger and better things to come. Continue reading

Site Profile: 65 Broadway Library

The library at 65 Broadway is one of the newest libraries to open in the Touro system. The library opened in May 2009 at the Graduate School of Business and has since been serving students and faculty not only by helping meet their information needs, but also by providing a quiet, relaxing space to work. Continue reading