Site Profile: 65 Broadway Library

The library at 65 Broadway is one of the newest libraries to open in the Touro system. The library opened in May 2009 at the Graduate School of Business and has since been serving students and faculty not only by helping meet their information needs, but also by providing a quiet, relaxing space to work.

The library is run by Annette Carr who has been the Business Librarian since its opening. She has both an MLS and an MBA. Her witty and friendly personality has allowed her to have a rapport with her students to help them with their projects and papers. Many of the students are very happy to spend time in this comfortable library. Although the library caters to business students at the Graduate School of Business, all Touro students are welcome to enjoy the resources and environment that the library has to offer.

ComputerBluesThe concept of the Business Library began in 2008 as an empty space in the basement of the landmark American Express Building (located at 65 Broadway, in the heart of the Financial District). Over the next year, staff worked to transform that empty space into a cozy, clean library that would be both professional and welcoming to our students and staff. Wooden library shelves, modern furniture, and comfy lounge chairs were installed. The lighting was also transformed by adding incandescent floor lamps to create a warm, inviting room. Four computer terminals are available for research, internet browsing, and printing. In addition, there are four study carrels available for quiet, independent study.

LarryComputerThe library also has a DVD collection. All the films in the collection have business related overtones. Some of the films are documentaries such as The Corporation, Who Killed the Electric Car, and Google Boys. The DVD collection also contains popular feature films such as The Social Network, The Aviator, and Moneyball. The DVD collection continues to be popular among students who enjoy learning from the medium of film.


When the library first opened, the book collection was made up of reassigned business books from other Touro libraries. Over the years, the collection has grown to include new books, purchased on a continuous basis. Today, the library has a continuous flow of new books coming in, with some popular titles as well as more obscure titles for those with niche interests. Recent popular titles received include Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and Intern Nation by Ross Perlin. The collection also features classics such as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. The vast majority of books in the library’s collection can be taken home for a 14 day period. Subject matter within the book collection runs the gamut of business related subjects, such as management, white collar crime, human resources, marketing, biographies, advertising, and industrial/organizational psychology. New book titles for the Business Library can be found at


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