iPads at the Library!

CC Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivate 3.0 licensed by Martz90

Before his death, technological genius Steve Jobs left for mankind the coolest personal device: the iPad.

This tablet can be your book, your communication device, your personal GPS, your research tool, and much more.  Although it is a very cool “toy”, not so many people have a chance to see it in action.  The “toy” is rather expensive.  But people still buy it.  What can you do if you have never seen this device in action? Touro College Libraries to the rescue!

Now you can check out iPads for 24 hours for your personal convenience from two Touro College Libraries branches: Midtown and Midwood. For 24 hours this device is at your complete disposal.  You can check out the available applications, add your own, use it for doing your research on the go, or even just use it as a substitute if you forgot your own tablet at home. Check out the iPad borrowing policy for more information.

With the help of iPad you can also check out a new app offered by our libraries, which is specifically designed to make browsing database content easy on the iPad: Browzine.  Browzine is like a newsstand for scholarly journals.  You can find many journals in different subject areas. Read up on your field of expertise, or check out something new and interesting to broaden your views.  Plus, save articles you’d like to read later on your book shelf for offline access.  The app comes pre-loaded on library devices or available as a free download for your own iPad. Just sign up once and enjoy the ride.  And if you have any questions, ask a librarian!



Contributed by: Marina Zilberman, Chief Midtown Librarian

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