Going through changes: NLM seeks new director

image courtesy of  http://www.nlm.nih.gov/about/imagespage.html
image courtesy of http://www.nlm.nih.gov/about/imagespage.html

After more than 30 years serving as the Director of the National Library of Medicine, Dr. Donald Lindberg is leaving his post.  The National Library of Medicine is about to start their search for a new director but any candidate sure has big shoes to fill!

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Touro College Program Supports Veteran Education

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Showing gratitude to United States Veterans and service members is just the beginning of how Touro College – New York supports our military men, women and families.  The Touro College Veteran’s Program was created to help our service members realize their educational goals. This program allows military veterans, active service members, National Guardsmen and the Reserves, as well as their dependents, the opportunity to continue their education.

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Stay Networked….

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You’ve graduated, you have your degree….now what?!? Joining a professional network can really help get your career off the ground.  It can put you in touch with the individuals that have the power to hire or it can simply provide you with the inspiration and confidence you need to get out there and start interviewing.

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We’ll need a bigger trophy case!

Faculty from the Occupational Therapy program at Touro College are making headlines and receiving awards from several different Occupational Therapy associations for their stellar work in the field.

left to right, are award winners Assistant Professor Pat Precin, Assistant Professor Elizabeth Griffin Lannigan, and Beth Chiariello, Associate Director of the School’s Manhattan-based OT program
Photo credit- Jewish Voice http://jewishvoiceny.com

Pictured above are award-winning faculty members. From left to right, Assistant Professor Pat Precin, Assistant Professor Elizabeth Griffin Lannigan, and Beth Chiariello, Associate Director of the School’s Manhattan-based OT program.

The role of an occupational therapist is to improve the quality of life for those they are assisting.  Some of the OT and OTA Professors at Touro are not only impacting the students they work with on a daily basis but they are making breakthroughs in the field of occupational therapy through their research and practice.  The new precedents and programs that are being established will ultimately have a lasting positive effect and their work will touch the lives of many people they will never even meet.

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The Library Welcomes Alumni Users

Even after you graduate, you are still a part of the Touro College community.

Touro College Libraries will continue to support our alumni in their pursuit for research and professional development!

tcl alumni portal logo

The library provides Touro College alumni access to a number of electronic resources, including e-book databases with thousands of popular titles, leading databases for scholarly articles in many subject areas as well as several Judaica resources. http://www.tourolib.org/alumni.

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Don’t worry about rewinding!

Touro College Libraries provides access to several streaming video databases.

List of video databases available at www.tourolib.org
List of video databases available at http://www.tourolib.org

The videos available through the databases can be viewed online and shared with classmates, colleagues or students.  You can create playlists with clips from several different titles to help visually illustrate your point, emphasize something that was discussed in class or give a really interesting presentation!

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Apps Apps Everywhere!

TCL has put together a list of Apps on one of our LibGuides called App Corner.  The apps listed here will help you become a better, more efficient and organized student.  They are also applicable to your professional career in many disciplines including the field of Health Sciences.


If there are apps that you find helpful in your studies or in your career, please send suggestions to your librarian!

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