Library Research 101

Fast Track to Better Student Research

            The ability to perform research and incorporate the findings into an established base of knowledge to produce a written report is a foundational skill of higher education. Many students struggle with this task, understandably overwhelmed by the wealth of information made available by the Internet and other electronic resources, as well as the details of academic conventions. In an effort to help professors address the needs of these students, librarians have provided library instruction sessions, web resources, and individual assistance. Touro libraries are pleased to announce an additional tool now at our college’s disposal. We have recently created an independent information literacy and library skills tutorial available via Blackboard.


A self-paced and open-enrollment course, Library Research 101 was designed to help students become better able to identify, locate, evaluate, and use information while avoiding plagiarism. It contains four related modules available to be consulted individually or completed sequentially. Each module consists of an informational presentation, various links to optional supplemental resources, and a short quiz. The quizzes are meant to be a learning exercise rather than a test and may be taken an unlimited number of times.


The tutorial can be used as a supplement to any research-based course regardless of discipline. Research 101 has already been assigned by one of our professors to his students, and it is hoped that it will be incorporated into other courses, either as a recommended resource or an assignment. The materials contained the tutorial are also available to other librarians for use in assisting students or as part of a library instruction class. We hope that you will take advantage of this resource and that you find it helpful. Any feedback is much appreciated as we continue to refine and improve this resource!


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