New Kid on the (Citation) Block: Proquest Flow


There are lots of tools available to help you navigate the minutia of citation style guidelines (first name or initial? period or comma? italics or not? and what on earth do I do with the 3rd edition of an e-book with 7 editors translated from German?) and keep your research organized (I know I read the perfect quote, if only I could remember where!). They vary from free online citation generators, like Citation Machine or EasyBib, to more robust software that allows you to save citations, articles, notes and more – you might be familiar with NoodleTools or have read our post on Mendeley. ProQuest Flow is one of the newest additions to your options for reference managers, but it’s one of my favorites.

Unless you’ve memorized the American Psychological Association handbook, you probably need some kind of help creating citations and bibliographies, but when it comes to which tool to use, it’s all about personal preferences. Any major citation manager will offer a similar set of features, so it’s helpful to find one that fits into your own personal work flow. ProQuest Flow is good for people who prefer a cloud-based solution, a clean interface, and integration with Word, Google Docs, and your internet browser. If you’re a heavy user of ProQuest databases like Central Search, you can import articles and citations directly from your search. Otherwise, you can import references, upload PDF documents, or enter citation information manually.

Flow has lots of features that can help streamline your research process, allowing you to:

  • Format citations & export bibliographies in any style
  • Upload documents, take notes & highlight
  • Organize with folders and tagging
  • Access your materials from any computer
  • Share collections with group members or collaborators

For more information, visit Sign-up for free using your Touro College email address here.

See Proquest Flow in action:

What’s your favorite citation or research tool?

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