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Videos by title

Videos can offer a break from a heavy reading load, refreshing your mind and allowing you to refocus your attention. If last week’s lecture is fuzzy in your memory, you will likely be able to find a video on your topic to help refresh the material in your mind. Video clips can also be extremely useful in giving oral presentations. 

Videos tab on homepage
Find all of our streaming video databases under the Videos tab on the library homepage

The Library subscribes to many streaming educational video services making thousands of videos accessible to anyone with a Touro ID. The most recent addition to our video database subscriptions is Kanopy. Kanopy features 1200 videos arranged under 73 different subject areas including Health, Business, Education, Sciences, Social Sciences and many more. Kanopy also offers tools for organizing and editing video content. Users can create an account (very easily!) and begin to create playlists and watchlists, as well as edit any video down to a clip of your chosen length and save to your account.Kanopy logo

Clips can be especially useful in giving oral presentations for class. They can help reinforce your points and are great for varying your delivery of information. Varying your delivery keeps your audience attentive and helps them retain the information you’re sharing. Kanopy allows you to edit clips of any length easily, without any technical editing know-how necessary.

Another great advantage of our video databases is their accessibility. They can be viewed on your own terms, any time, from anywhere. Just make sure you are signed up for off-campus access, and you’ll be ready to easily access our video collections.

Kanopy, along with PBS Video Collection, Films on Demand, Education in Video and the rest of our many video collections have been selected for their relevance to Touro students and faculty. So, the next time you find yourself needing a refresher, a new source to give you a better understanding of your topic, or material for a presentation, try the Videos tab on the Library homepage and let us know how it works for you.

Contributed by: Kirk Snyder, Librarian, Midwood

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