6 Tips For Getting Along With Any Boss

(CC0 image via Pixabay)
(CC0 image via Pixabay)

This post was contributed by Yung-Hui Chen, a current student in the Touro Graduate School of Business MBA program:

When you were at the first day of your new job, you found out that your boss doesn’t laugh at your jokes like all your friends do and he seems like a very serious person. You don’t get a lot of chances to talk to him even though your desk is near his office, because he is always busy. You start to worry that he is not impressed with you, or even worse, that you got into the wrong company. But you need this job, and it seems like it could be your dream job. What are you going to do? Don’t worry, there are several things you can do to improve the situation.
 Here are 6 tips that can help you get along well with your boss:

  1. Always be polite. Use your personal skills when making friends with your boss. Being a lovely and helpful person in workplace is the first step to impress your boss.
  2. Listen to what your supervisor has to say. It is very important knowing what is expected from your boss. Listen what your boss says carefully and meet his expectations, and then you’ll become a good employee to him.
  3. Learn to control your temper. Conflicts happen all the time. But the point is you are willing to solve conflicts by direct communication. Try to listen and discuss with your boss instead of getting frustrated and yelling.
  4. Know when to speak up and when to hold your tongue. Come up with a solution when you notice a problem and discuss with your boss but she is the one who makes decisions. Be a reliable employee when problems happened and respect the judgments from your boss.
  5. Don’t take everything your boss says personally. He is a human being and he gets angry sometimes too. Just leave those personal comments behind you and focus on work improvement.
  6. Be open to constructive criticism. You need to be willing to learn and be taught by your boss. Your boss might only older than you a few years or even younger than you. But you have to listen and accept her criticism about your work and keep learning from the process.
McCormack, J. (2010). Get Along With the Boss. Career World. 38(5), 15-17. 

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