It’s Official! RefWorks Comes To Touro


Beginning this month, the new, totally redesigned RefWorks will be available free to everybody with a email address. Last year, Touro Libraries had a trial of the updated reference manager, first the beta version code-named Flow, and then the initial release. Faculty, students, and librarians alike liked the product so much that we are happy to announce our official subscription has begun. 

RefWorks is an all-inclusive reference manager that allows you to collect, organize, read, annotate, and cite research sources. It’s an online service, meaning that you can access your research from anywhere that you have a computer and internet access, whether on-campus or off. Signing up is simple. Visit and create an account using your Touro email address:2016-09-07-09_18_32-refworks

There are several options for adding sources to RefWorks, depending on how you like to work. If you’ve got a bunch of PDF files saved to your computer, you can just drag and drop them into the RefWorks window to upload them. RefWorks will automagically fill in the title, author, and other information for most articles, meaning that when it comes time to create a bibliography, everything’s ready to go, no typing or copying & pasting required.

Just drag and drop any PDF article to automatically upload and extract bibliographical information

If you’re gathering your sources from databases or online, RefWorks can help you out then too. Most databases offer an option to export selected sources directly to RefWorks. Look for an export or save option, then choose RefWorks. Your citations will be added to your RefWorks account instantly. If you’re searching online, you can add a RefWorks button to your browser to save documents directly from the web. Once you have everything you need to start writing, RefWorks can help with in-text citations. Whether you use Word or Google Docs, there’s an add-on that will help you.

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Perhaps the most important function of RefWorks, however, is creating a bibliography. It’s as easy as choosing a citation style and clicking create, no matter what citation style you’re using. Of course, there may still be times that you need to edit an entry, but there’s an option to look up items by title to help you out.

Create a bibliography quickly and easily
Create a bibliography quickly and easily

Research can be tricky and writing is frequently challenging, but now creating your bibliography can be a snap. Start using RefWorks today and discover all of these features and more.


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