Going Places: A New Semester at Touro

Happy first day of classes! The library would like to welcome all of our students, both new and returning. We hope to be seeing a lot of you over the next academic year.

If this is your first semester, it’s possible you’ve relied on Google to complete most of your coursework up to this point. You might even get by for a while in college, but sooner or later, you’re going to hit a wall…

You won’t be able to find enough, or more importantly good enough information. Your professors will ask for academic articles or to track down an influential book in the field. Relying solely on Google can make that harder than it needs to be, and in many cases even impossible.

The natural habitat for scholarly articles is, of course, the library. More specifically, in the subscription databases that are only available to you because you’re enrolled at Touro. So please take advantage of the world of quality information available to you. Not only will you be getting the most out of your tuition dollars, but students who use the library are more likely to earn higher grades and to complete their degrees.

We have 13 locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens & Long Island, so there’s a library on whichever campus your classes are. We provide a place to study, help with research and writing, ipads to borrow, wifi and electricity, plus access to huge amounts of quality information and resources. We have 120 databases, over 350,000 ebooks, hundreds of thousands of journal, magazine and newspaper articles, streaming video, and more. 

Most of our collection is available online, any time of the day or night, wherever you are, to fit your schedule and life. You can also get help remotely. Get answers to your questions with our phone, email, chat, and even twitter reference services.

Follow the library here on the blog, or on our facebooktwitter or instagram accounts, to stay up to date with our latest news and services, like new video tutorials, free reference manager subscriptions, and new databases.

Best wishes for an exciting, productive, and educational semester!

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