– Free online training from your public library

2015-05-27 10_17_00-Web Courses and Training from is an online learning company that helps users “learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.” They offer video-based online courses in a variety of professional skills – a valuable resource for anybody looking to land a job, move up in their career, excel in the position they have, or just explore an area of interest. There’s something for just about everyone – I just finished a course on Instructional Design that I really enjoyed, but even if that sounds a little dry to you, there’s plenty of other options. Subscriptions start at $20 per month, which is not a bad deal for the amount of content they offer, but those in the NY area are eligible for FREE access. If you have a library card, that is. Which I’m sure you all do, but just in case, learn how to sign up here (NYPL – open to all residents of New York State) or here (Brooklyn).

To gain free access, you’ll need to visit the site through a library portal, via either the New York or Brooklyn Pubic Libraries. (You won’t be able to login if you go to directly.)

Below are a few picks to get you started exploring the wealth of information available. Follow the links to preview the courses, or log-in with your library card through one of the links above first to get full access. Once you have an account, you can add videos and courses to playlists to revisit later or to create your own customized syllabus. Courses are all self-paced, and your progress will be saved automatically.

For faculty, students & staff:

For business students & entrepreneurs:

For writing help:

For soon-to-be-graduates:

For aspiring creatives:

For the tech savvy (or those who’d like to be):

  • Start building websites with courses like Essential HTML training, plus find coverage of CSS, Javascript, JQuery, frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation, using WordPress and more.
  • Learning programming languages from C to Python, or focus on mobile development with Android or Swift.
  • Bonus: recently introduced an online coding environment that lets you practice within the course, without downloading or installing any software:
Start writing code quickly and easily with Lynda's online practice environment
Start writing code quickly and easily with Lynda’s online practice environment

For everybody:

  • Almost any software that you’d like or you need to learn is covered in Lynda’s database, from the full Adobe creative suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) and Microsoft Office products, to online applications like Evernote and Prezi.

Will you be taking advantage of some of the courses offered on Did you discover an amazing course or topic that I missed? Share it below!

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