Research Guides: More than just books

Scholar in study, 1700, by Johann Michael Bretschneider (National Museum of Wrocław)
Scholar in study, 1700, by Johann Michael Bretschneider (National Museum of Wrocław)

The Lander College for Women has been one of our most enthusiastic adopters of our Research Guides available through LibGuides. A blog post in 2014 linked 10 of the unique power points available on these guides, but there’s even more great information available.

Most libraries around the world post library guides or pathfinders on their websites that contain the standard gathering of relevant websites, particularly helpful specialized databases, bibliographies of related books, and links to chat or email reference. However what makes Touro’s library guides unique are not only the tailor-made PowerPoint presentations for classes offered at LCW, but the narrative introductions and unique informative essays, charts, outlines and exercises included on our large collection of Jewish studies guides. These additional resources can be found on the following topics:





These library guides do not by any stretch of the imagination contain all or any answers. Instead they are geared to help their users pose good questions and think about intellectual subjects from diverse and new perspectives. In education, as in life, it is important not that one has all the answers, but that they ask a good questions.

We hope you will enjoy exploring the research guide links and discovering Touro’s unique resources. May your academic and intellectual journeys take you upon new vistas and clearings that expand consciousness, convey insights, increase understanding and knowledge, and make learning fun, pleasurable, and exhilarating.  Research is often difficult or frustrating, but remember the saying “Lifum zara agra” – according to the effort is the reward.

Contributed by: Dr. David B. Levy, Librarian, Lander College for Women

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