Altmetrics and You

(CC image via Flickr user AJC1)
(CC image via Flickr user AJC1)

Have you ever read a really interesting article in a journal like Nature and then shared it on Facebook?  Or participated in discussions of a research article on one of your favorite blogs? Retweeted the link to the latest study about whether coffee is good for you or not on Twitter? Then you may have been involved in building altmetrics for these papers! Continue reading

The Power of Hashtags

Twitter gave new meaning to the lowly pound sign, enabling people across the globe to engage in conversations.
Twitter gave new meaning to the pound sign, enabling people across the globe to easily engage in conversations on the topic of their choice.

We use the pound or number sign (#) for numbers, on phones, or when we play tic, tac, toe. But the pound sign was not considered an important symbol in our lives until Chris Messina decided to use it as a way for groups of people to discuss topics without getting lost in the chaos of messages. That was in 2007. Soon after, Twitter adopted the hashtag system and turned the pound sign into a code so that any word prepended with a hash automatically becomes hyperlinked1. The newly coined “hashtag” quickly caught on and has since been implemented by Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest and many other social networks. You can even Google a hashtag to see posts across different social media platforms. Continue reading