Tick-Tock Day

Time, the most valuable commodity
Time, the most valuable commodity

With just three days left in the secular year, today has been designated Tick-Tock Day. Like most of the plethora of third-tier holidays (dictionary day, anyone?), it’s a bit silly, but I still rather like the idea behind it. The premise is that this can be a designated time to wrap up any lingering projects, or perhaps a last year’s resolution that may have fallen by the wayside, before the year is out, to better get a fresh start when the clock ticks over to January 1, 2016. Continue reading

On Time, from the Lander College for Women Library

"The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dali (image via WikiArt)
“The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali (image via WikiArt)

The Lander College Library library has a clock posted in the wall that is frequently 15 minutes slow. It ticks slower than it should and needs to be reset every now and then. To me, this sometimes suggests a magical realm of the library where time can be transcended noetically, in one’s mind. Continue reading