Turning Over an Old Leaf


Up and at ’em! (Image: Pinterest)

At 4:30 AM, on the morning of January 3rd, I swung my tired legs over the edge of my bed, dragged myself onto my feet, struggled into the sweats and sneakers I’d laid out the previous evening, forced a caffeinated pre-workout drink down my throat and stumbled out my door into the quiet chilly darkness. Continue reading

(Not so) Lazy Sunday


(CC0 image by Shannon McGee)
(CC0 image by Shannon McGee)

The New Year is upon us!  No doubt your expectations are high for this new beginning, and your resolutions list includes life changes to promote healthy and productive habits.

Do any of your resolutions include spending a bit more time reading? Avoiding procrastination and studying earlier or working on assignments earlier than the night before they’re due?  Staying organized?

If any of these resolutions sound familiar, I have a bit of advice for you… take advantage of Sundays at the Library! Continue reading

Tick-Tock Day

Time, the most valuable commodity
Time, the most valuable commodity

With just three days left in the secular year, today has been designated Tick-Tock Day. Like most of the plethora of third-tier holidays (dictionary day, anyone?), it’s a bit silly, but I still rather like the idea behind it. The premise is that this can be a designated time to wrap up any lingering projects, or perhaps a last year’s resolution that may have fallen by the wayside, before the year is out, to better get a fresh start when the clock ticks over to January 1, 2016. Continue reading