The Librarian’s Image Problem

(CC image via flickr)

When I tell people I am a librarian, one of the first responses I get is, “You don’t seem like a librarian.” I sometimes get an innocuous response like, “But you don’t wear glasses” (no, I don’t). I have also had humorous quasi-insults like, “So do you live alone with 30 cats?” (well, only 4 so I guess I’m still working on it). Continue reading

So, what DO librarians do all day?

The librarian of yore…lots of dusty books? Check! Bun and cardigan? Check! (CC0 image via Wikimedia)

So you may or may not know that librarians actually have to go graduate school to become librarians.  You may even wonder what we study. As a student in library school (Queens College Graduate School of Library Science), I often get a shocked “You need a degree for that!?” when I explain that I’m working toward earning my Master’s degree in library science.  Continue reading