A swallow visits the LCW library: What we can learn “from the birds”

LCW gets an unexpected visitor

The other day at Lander College for Women, a bird flew into the building. We were advised to close the door of the library to prevent the bird from flying in during the window of time it took to catch and release the bird into freedom. We did not want our visitor, the bird dubbed Larry, to build a nest in our books! The excitement of the “bird alert” reminded me of the important metaphor that birds serve in various texts. Continue reading

Staff Profile: Sharell Walker

Librarian Sharell Walker
Librarian Sharell Walker

Introduce yourself?

My name is Sharell Walker and I have been a Librarian at Touro College for 9 months at the Lander College for Women. I was born in Brooklyn, NY and have lived in New York all my life. Before getting my Master’s in Library Science I got a Bachelor’s in English. Continue reading