Ready, Set, Go! Emergency Preparedness Luncheon

Director of Emergency Preparedness Shoshana Yehuda & Senior Vice President of Operations Jeffrey Rosengarten lead a rousing game of Emergency Preparedness Jeopardy

When you try to listen to the news these days, there are several popular themes: the upcoming election, terror attacks all over the world, refugee crises.  The motto of our lives, “If you see something, say something,” has become the slogan you hear from dusk to dawn in the streets, in the subway, on the news.  Emergency preparedness has become part of our daily routine, even if we do not realize it. Driving through the streets of our great city, you can see signs: in case of emergency go there, do this.  Be prepared, be vigilant, watch, listen, report! Scary! Continue reading

Guest Post: Prepared or neurotic? You tell me!

NYC Subway Train (CC0 image via Wikimedia)
NYC Subway Train (CC0 image via Wikimedia)

The following post was contributed by Shoshana Yehudah, Director of Emergency Perparedness for Touro College.

My job as Director of Emergency Preparedness has made me sensitive to being prepared for emergency situations of any kind. I carry a hand sanitizer at all times, a mini package of paper towels, a light stick for blackouts, a smoke hood for train fires, and even heated insoles for those really cold days. I’m like Felix the Cat with a bag of magic tricks. My family, friends and colleagues all tease me about how serious I am about preparedness; my boss calls me Typhoid Mary because I’m always talking about the latest epidemic. Okay, so maybe I am a little neurotic about the whole thing, but I see it as being practical and don’t give a flying fig what others think about it. Which makes this story so out of character for me. Continue reading