There is always time to honor Women in History!

Image Credit: University of Memphis

March is Women’s History Month!  Indeed, the end of the month is nearing, but it isn’t too late to honor the women in your lives: mothers, sisters, wives, teachers and those women today, and in history, who followed their hearts and dreams, took risks, stood up against injustices and fought for the freedoms and rights that some of us benefit from today.

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Though you were always crazy about books, you never could take home more than 5 of them because they are heavy and you are already schlepping so much other stuff with you anyway. With e-books booming these days this dire book-situation can change.  E-books can be downloaded and read not only on desktops but on many electronic devices, such as a tablet or an iPhone.  This means that you can carry hundreds of them with you anywhere. In fact now you can go crazy with e-books.

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