Dear Veterans: We thank you for your Service

Since the dawn of humanity in all parts of the world soldiers have been continuously  serving their country. The reasons for their service vary across the lands around the world.

Plenty of veterans gave their lives in battle throughout time. And it is known there will be lives lost on both sides of any battle. Most of them were young and had not lived out a full life.  The impact was devastating for their families. It comes back to had they lived, what would have been?

At the Veteran’s Day Ceremony at Touro Bay Shore, a veteran once said there is not a book, movie or picture that could convey the experience of the battlefield. That alone is reason to give thanks. For the veterans to live through and walk away from this experience is not easy.  We are thankful!

If you follow a family line, how many veterans are there?  If the line starts with a veteran that lived, what would their story be?  Here is a picture of my husband’s great grandfather, Ernst Wagner. He was a civil war veteran. Following are all the battles he was part of and survived.

Ernst Wagner

Battles he fought:

17 Sep 1862 at Antietam, MD

3 May 1863 at Chancellorsville, VA

2 Jul 1863 at Gettysburg, PA

3 Jul 1863 at Gettysburg, PA

15 May 1864 at Resaca, GA.

4 Jun 1864 at Pine Knob, GA

16 Jun 1864 at Pine Knob, GA

17 Jun 1864 at Kenesaw Mountain, GA

14 Jul 1864 at Chattahoochee River, GA

18 Jul 1864 at Nancy’s Creek, GA

20 Jul 1864 at Peach Tree Creek, GA

22 Jul 1864 at Atlanta, GA

27 Jul 1864 at Atlanta, GA

30 Jul 1864 at Atlanta, GA

1 Aug 1864 at Atlanta, GA

31 Aug 1864 at Atlanta, GA

16 Mar 1865 at Averysboro, NC

9 Apr 1865 at North Carolina

After the Civil War, Ernst Wagner went back to Brooklyn, New York to make cigars.  He married and had many children who also had many children, and the generations continue to today. The people in his family went on to do many different things across the United States.  Our family continues to have veterans amongst our kinship. We are grateful for their service.

Please join us at our Veteran’s Day events at many Touro campuses to honor Touro veterans and their service to our country.

Contributed by Joan Wagner, Chief Librarian, Bay Shore

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