Instructional Support Checklist

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Do you have readings you’d like to make available to all your students online?

  • E-Reserves – Post electronic copies of course readings for your students. We’ll take care of securing the copyright clearance and uploading the documents. Contact your chief librarian or fill out the e-reserves submission form to get started.
  • E-books and Databases – If you’re looking for easily accessible and low-cost materials for your classes, our ebook collections, and electronic databases are a great resource. Link directly to most books and articles from BlackBoard, Canvas or email.
  • Open Educational Resources – You can use many free resources in your class, including high-quality peer-reviewed textbooks with instructor material. Tell us which commercial textbook you would like to replace, and we will show you what’s available for your discipline. Contact

Do you want to use documentaries and educational films to support your instruction?

Are you teaching an online course?

  • Ask a Librarian – Students have ready access to assistance with research and library resources via chat, email or phone with our Ask A Librarian service.
  • Embedded Librarians – This program matches you with a dedicated librarian to provide dedicated and customizable library instruction for your students. Learn more.
  • Distance Orientations – All of our library instruction classes can alternatively be held via Zoom video conferences, accessible by students from home.

 Do your students have trouble finding the kinds of information you want them to use in their papers and projects?

  • Instruction – We offer both general library orientations and specialized research classes, customized to prepare students for the particular assignments in your course. Contact your campus library for information or to schedule a session.
  • LibGuides – These research guides are organized by subject to bring together the best resources for each topic. Additional guides are available on research skills and library services.

Do your students have trouble with writing and/or citing sources correctly?

  • Citing Sources guide – Discuss the topic of Academic Integrity with the help of the presentation, video, quiz, and other materials this LibGuide. Plus find tools and detailed information for a variety of citation styles.
  • RefWorksRefworks is a citation and research manager available to students and faculty with their email address. Import, organize and cite your research with this online tool. Training is available upon request.
  • Writing guide – Our writing guide compiles the most helpful resources for composition, revision, and editing in academic writing.

Please contact your campus librarian for assistance.

This page was updated on August 13, 2019


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