Library tip of the week becomes contagious at Touro Libraries

During this year’s annual Touro College Library Staff Meeting, Brandon Harrington, the Library Assistant from Starrett City, presented to the group a new initiative being done at their library, a Library Tip of the Week. During Brandon’s discussion and presentation of this to all of the Touro College Library staff in attendance, something caught hold with the Librarians (Joan Wagner, Annette Carr & Heather Hilton) and Library Assistant (Kelly Tenny) over at the Touro School of Health Sciences Library. Soon after that, it was decided that the initiative would be continued at the Bay Shore campus.

While a Library Tip of the Week might seem like a relatively simple thing, these weekly tips actually provide a unique opportunity to reach the students enrolled at Touro College. One particularly notable element to having a Library Tip of the Week is that the tips can be tailored to the needs of the students and programs offered at specific Touro campuses.

During the beginning of the semester, one of the main focuses of the Library Tip of the Week was to provide students with information that would help them to get settled in at Touro and get set-up within the Touro Library system.

Library Tip of the Week blog post photo 1

Photo 1 Description: The objective of this library tip was to alert students to the fact that they need to fill out a new patron form to turn their Touro ID into a functional library card. Physical copies of the new patron forms were even incorporated as part of the display on the board.

Library Tip of the Week blog post photo 2

 Photo 2 Description: Some students may not know the difference between circulation, reference and reserve books. This tip advised them of the differences between the three and how they could use the assorted materials.

In regards to creating content that pertains to certain classes and programs, the Library Tip of the Week can be utilized to communicate important texts, databases, journals, etc. that correlate with specific programs being taught.

Library Tip of the Week blog post photo 3

Photo 3 Description: Here the Library Tip of the Week is highlighting essential books and databases for those within the Physical Therapy program at the Touro College School of Health Sciences.

Whether the tip is about how to navigate the various sections of the library, citation dos and don’ts, or how to find relevant articles using different databases, having a weekly library tip creates opportunities to broaden student knowledge of library resources that they might not be privy to. In addition to that, these tips can also be used to let students know helpful information about researching, inform them of the numerous ways to get in contact with the library, and other valuable tidbits.

As the Library Assistant at Bay Shore, I have taken up the task of creating and executing these weekly tips. Every Sunday during my shift, I begin by brainstorming ideas. Oftentimes my ideas stem from questions I’ve had students ask me, are inspired by where we are currently within the semester or related to a specific program that is being taught on campus. Once I have my general idea selected, I begin creating the content for it. I choose my words, pick out fonts and font sizes and seek out royalty-free images that add to the overall message that is being communicated. Once that is all done, I get to work printing out the materials I want to put up on the board and, metaphorically speaking, don my arts and crafts hat until everything is just so.

Library Tip of the Week blog post photo 4

Photo 4 Description: This weekly tip conveyed to students the different routes they can take to check to see if a book they want is available.

 Thanks to Brandon’s engaging presentation during the annual Touro College Library Staff Meeting, Bay Shore has been able to continue on that initiative and adapt it for this location. Here’s to many more Touro College Library Tips of the Week to come!

Contributed by Kelly Tenny, Library Assistant, School of Health Sciences, Bay Shore

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