Welcome Back to Bay Shore!

Librarians posing
Hello from your friendly librarians at Bay Shore:  from left to right, Heather, Annette, and Joan.

This fall will be a fresh start for many of our students at the Touro School of Health Sciences in Bay Shore. But whether you are a returning student or just starting out, please keep in mind that the library has many resources for you. We can assist you in learning how to locate books, find full-text articles, and conduct research. While on campus, you may benefit from our quiet study spaces, research computer center, and of course, your friendly librarians.

As your friendly librarians, we want to remind you of the following:

  • Remember to sign up for a library card, as it is quick and simple. Just ask a librarian. If you already have one, remember to update your account by bringing your school ID to the Bay Shore library with the current semester sticker on it.
  • Do you know how to check to see if a textbook is available in a hard copy or eBook format in the library catalog? Please stop by the library to have us show you how. Use our reserve section for some of the most important books needed for your classes. While we do not have every textbook, we do offer a wide array of subject textbooks.
  • The library offers a large and extensive circulating book collection filled with books you can take home and read at your own pace. If you are a PA student in field rotation, we have pocket-sized medical reference books that are perfect for fieldwork. Each circulation book has a two-week loan period and is available to renew if there is not a hold on it.
  • Some e-journals have an embargo on their articles: the full article can only be located in the print version for a specific amount of time and not found in the electronic counterpart. If you are looking for a hard copy journal, the Bay Shore Library has a variety of print journals that you can read through. Visit us to see what we have available.
  • Did you forget your iPad for class? No need to worry! The Bay Shore Library has iPads available for loan, as well as dry erase markers, erasers, earphones, and calculators.
  • Are you taking the OCSE, or are you in your final Physician Assistant year, or getting ready for PANCE/PANRE certification? Come on by the Bay Shore Library and see what we have to help you study for these exams.
  • Of course, if you would rather access the Touro Libraries from the comfort of your home, we offer off-campus access to many electronic resources. To access our virtual library, sign up for off-campus access here.
  • If you come across an article that you either cannot find or access, contact us or put in a request for an Inter-Library Loan of the article here.
  • You can chat with a librarian to assist you in your research, help solve dilemmas, or locate a full-text article that you are having trouble accessing here.

Finally, to all our Bay Shore students, feel free to come into the library and visit us anytime. We are here to help. See our contact information here. Enjoy your fall semester.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Contributed by the Bay Shore Librarians.

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