Super Bowl 52 – An Informal American Holiday


The “big game” has turned into an annual event for many Americans.  Super Bowl Sunday, for some time now, is not just about a football game.  It’s about the two cities and teams involved, the pre-game festivities, the food, the commercials, the half-time show, the post-game, and, of course, the house cleaning when the party ends.

Here are some topics that will keep any fan (or non-fan) entertained leading up to, during, and after the game.  Which category do you fall under?

  • Foodie: I’m here for the food and drinks!

Check out some Super Bowl Party Recipes.


(From Flickr user DixieBelleCupcakeCafe, CC BY-ND 2.0)

Check out the recipe for Philly style soft pretzels


From Wikimedia Commons

If you’re into the New England Patriots here’s a New England clam chowder recipe and Boston cream pie recipe.



(Clam chowder photo by Flickr user Haydn BlackeyCC BY-SA 2.0; Boston cream pie picture in public domain)

From our Touro Library catalog, make some recipes from an old-school cookbook from 100 years ago.  And how appropriate, it’s from New England (Boston, to be exact) Boston Cooking School Cook Book.

And at the end of the night you’ll definitely need some Alka Seltzer.

  • Commercials: I’ll take my bathroom break when the game is on. When’s that commercial coming back again?

The Super Bowl commercial has taken on a life of its own.  I’ve been to plenty of Super Bowl parties where the game takes a back seat to the commercials.  The costs of an advertisement has risen astronomically, as the average 30-second commercial for this year’s Super Bowl costs at least 5 million dollars.  This article from last year lists the increasing Price of Super Bowl Commercials.

Here is a great library-themed Oreo cookie commercial from 2013.

  •  Music: I wanna rock! Make that half-time show longer.

“Not only do people tune in for the ads, but the Super Bowl is also drawing increasing audiences for the halftime performance, effectively making the halftime musical performance the biggest concert of the year.” 

This year Justin Timberlake will be performing. He will be the first artist to perform in three different Super Bowl halftime shows.

The Super Bowl halftime show has not always included popular artists. In the early years of the Super Bowl local university bands performed at half time. Here’s a list of all the past Super Bowl Halftime Performances.

  • Sports: Just stick to the game, please.

If you’re into football, then you probably know some of these details already. If not, here’s your chance to read up on the game and sound like an expert.

This is Super Bowl 52 (LII); the matchup is a repeat from 13 years ago, Super Bowl 39, when the New England Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles 24-21. The Philadelphia Eagles are playing in their third Super Bowl; they have lost both times they were previously here. As for the New England Patriots, well, it seems like they either win the Super Bowl or appear in it every other year. This is their tenth Super Bowl appearance (eighth Super Bowl in the last 16 years) and they have won it five times, including two out of the last three Super Bowls.

The location for Super Bowl 52 is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which will host the game for just the second time. If you’re hoping to see some snow on the field during the game, you’ll be disappointed; the stadium has a fixed roof, as the field is indoors.

So pick a team or root for the city you like, the helmet you prefer, the uniform color that’s better, or just enjoy the entertainment, the food, and the party atmosphere the Super Bowl brings every year. Enjoy the game, everyone!

Contributed by Keith Pardini, Librarian, Bay Shore

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