2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey: Addressing Your Concerns (Part II)

In this second part of the Customer Satisfaction Survey, we will share with you some of your feedback and concerns.

Some of your responses to “What do you like most about the library?” are as follows:

Untitled design (1)

The friendly and helpful library staff

Online access to scholarly journals

Large selection of databases

Organized and quiet place to study  

That it is accessible from my home workplace

Since the main purpose of the annual survey is to give our users an opportunity to hear their voices, we also asked, “What do you least like about the library?”

Here are some of your concerns with responses from us hoping to help with some the difficulties you have encountered at your campus libraries:

That it’s not closer to my home; I am traveling from Long Island 

Well, the good news is that Touro College has a library on almost every campus. As you can see we have a campus in Bay Shore on Long Island which has a library, staffed by wonderful people, that all Touro students can use. So I hope this will help in cutting down on your commute on the days that you don’t have class and only want to use the library.

They don’t have every book I want

That is true! We probably don’t have all the books that you need, but you can request the book from another library via our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service. Just approach your librarian and ask about this free service. Usually, books arrive within10-14 days, so if you need a book by a certain time, you need to plan ahead of time.

Specific journal articles are not available in the database

Just as you can order books from other non-Touro libraries, you can ask for scholarly articles, if they are not available via Touro Libraries databases. Ask library staff to help you with this free service.

Oftentimes, important articles from previous decades are inaccessible

In addition to ask for an Interlibrary loan if you can’t find the article you need, make sure you check out JSTOR, which covers a great number of area-studies journals going back in time. Some of them go as far as back as the late 19th century and early 20th century. You can find JSTOR on the library’s website under Databases.

I wish it had more textbooks

Sometimes the library carries older versions of a textbook. Also, talk to your professor to see if they can provide you with Open Textbooks. These are books that are freely available online and everyone can access them without purchasing them. Here is a link to some of these great resources.

I would say it is a little annoying while I am in the middle of reading an online book from the library that it automatically signs me out…

Ebook sessions will time out after certain periods of inactivity. You can download ebooks to read offline for days.

We don’t have Microsft Word on our computers but you can use Google Docs instead. Google Docs is an online word processor that lets you create and format documents, excel sheets, slides and work with other people if you need to.

Noise in the library

We hear you! We want our libraries to be a perfect place for studying. We will ask all our library staff to help us keeping the libraries quiet and peaceful.

Contributed by Sara Tabaei, Librarian at Midtown.

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