Welcome week at the Ave J campus

Photo by Kirk Snyder

On September 25th and 26th the Ave J Touro campus held a welcome event for the students. Essentially this Meet and Greet, which was hosted by the Advisement office, was an occasion for the students to interact with staff.

Bashe Simon, Director of Touro Libraries
Photo by Kirk Snyder
Students chatting with Drs. Brezak (Undergrad Chair of Education & Special Ed) and Press (Undergrad Chair of Psychology)

A number of tables were set up in the main lobby which was decorated with balloons and colorful tablecloths. The tables were manned by department chairs, library staff, advisement, and career counselors Various tables had handouts for students. Refreshments and various Lander College promotional items were distributed to the students.

Students were able to meet with professors, advisement and librarians on a more personal level and enjoy friendly and informative conversation.

The librarians interacted with the students and provided handouts on “Student Guides” for navigating the Touro College libraries and detailed the resources available at the library.

Overall, we think that it was a fun time for all and we look forward to continuing this tradition.

Contributed by Bashe Simon, Director of Touro Libraries, and Kirk Snyder, Librarian at Ave. J


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