Staff Profiles: An Interview with Rita Stravets

Librarian Rita Stravets

Where were you born? 

I was born in a small town in Ukraine (former Soviet Union).

Where else have you lived?

I lived in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

What languages do you speak?

I speak Russian, English, Ukrainian, and understand Yiddish.

What fields have you studied and/or degrees have you earned?

I graduated from high school with a gold medal for excellence. I then got my Master’s degree in Library Science at the National University of Culture in Ukraine. My secondary field was Russian Language and Literature. At the beginning of the computer era I entered and graduated from a private computer and programmer school. And finally, I have graduated from Pratt Institute in New York with a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science.

How long have you been at Touro and what’s your position?

I have worked as a Librarian at Touro since 2004.

What is the name of your site and where is it located?

Touro College Kings Highway Library

Graduate School of Education, Brooklyn Division

946 Kings Highway

Brooklyn, NY 11223

What is the history of your site? 

The site first opened its doors for students in October 2004. It started as a Graduate School of Education and Psychology, and now it’s a Graduate School of Education. In a very short period of time the school became very popular for students studying education, including special education, childhood & early childhood development, and teaching students with disabilities.

What is the neighborhood like? Any nearby points of interest?

The Kings Highway and Coney Island area belong to the neighborhood of Midwood. It is a multicultural city-style neighborhood with a lot of small stores, restaurants, banks, offices, fitness clubs, etc.

What programs does your site support? What are the strengths of its collection?

The Kings Highway library serves the Graduate School of Education, the Graduate School of Speech and Language Pathology, and the School of Nursing. It specializes in general, special, and bilingual education; early childhood development; and school leadership.

What study spaces and other resources are available at your location?

The library provides a variety of resources such as a collection of books, print journals, our online library with on-site and remote access to databases, e-journals, library services, our blog, and more. We have 9 computer work stations with a cozy and quiet study room.

What is the part of your job that you enjoy the most?

Being an “old-fashioned” librarian, I like a face-to-face contact with students and faculty, discussing with them their projects and assignments, and helping them to find the most appropriate materials.

The Pocono Lake Preserve (CC image by Pete)

Your ideal vacation? 

The most ideal place for vacation is Pocono Lake in the early morning when the sun comes up…

Favorite food?      

My grandma left me a book with recipes, my favorite is red borsch…also gefilte fish – I make it twice a year.

Contributed by Rita Stravits, Librarian at Kings Highway in Brooklyn


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