2016 Survey Results: Responding To Your Responses

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In December, we ran our annual User Satisfaction Survey asking students, faculty, and staff about their experiences with Touro libraries over the past year. Your responses give us insight into how we can improve our services and offerings. We value your feedback, so we’d like to share some trends we noticed and our responses to the most common issues mentioned.

Most of our respondents (naturally) are heavy users of the online library. Of those surveyed, 71% use the library website at least once a week. Searching our databases is the most popular destination, followed by QuickSearch and our eBook collection. Overall, nearly 85% of you said that the service that Touro Libraries provide meets or exceeds “your expectations for an excellent library.”

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I wish the log in time allotted to the website were longer

Well, you are in luck. We shared this problem with our technical services crew and they have successfully increased the logout time for you.

Does not always have textbooks assigned by the professors at that location

That’s true. The library usually does not carry textbooks since they change so frequently and become out of date quickly. Plus, every student in the course needs to read it, so it would be very difficult to purchase enough copies to keep up with demand. Sometimes, you might still get lucky however, so you can check the catalog. If you see an older edition, it’s still worth taking a look at because they will frequently have much of the same content.

Also, you can ask  your professors to assign you texts from Open Educational Resources, which are available to everybody, everywhere. There are a few links to get started with on our OER LibGuide.

We're glad that our locations are popular, but keeping the volume down helps everybody to enjoy the space productively
We’re glad that our locations are popular, but keeping the volume down helps everybody to enjoy the space productively

Can get noisy and too social

We heard you! And we have shared this problem with the rest of our library crew. They will absolutely make sure that the library stays a quiet place where users can concentrate on their studies and assignments.

For group work, ask the library staff to be seated in a specific area of the library where the rest of the users won’t be bothered. If it gets too loud in your campus library, please approach a library staff member to quiet down the crowds.

Collection: Need more full-text online articles for Judaic Studies; not enough Jewish fiction; classics in psychology

We have compiled your suggestions for our library collection and shared it with our collection developers who can address these gaps. In some cases, we may have the work of an author in other formats. For example, Couples Therapy by Ellyn Bader is available online as a streaming video but not as a book. Or if you are looking for Daniel Siegel’s works, as another example, make sure you pick Author from the drop-down menu in the Simple Search and put in the the last name first. You then will find all the works written by him. If all this fails, don’t hesitate to ask a librarian. We are here to help you.

Database Search Tips video
Database Search Tips video

It is difficult to locate relevant articles using the search engine; Everyone has trouble finding articles they need for research papers

Research is hard, but knowing a few basics can help the process go more smoothly. Successful searching starts with your topic. Knowing what you’re looking for (even if that changes over time) and shaping your topic into a specific, manageable scope will help you to craft fruitful searches. Next, think about the key words that could describe your topic. Frequently, the best search terms will not be the words that you originally use to state your topic. It also helps to think like the authors of the articles you’re looking for; look for academic, formal terms for the ideas you want to include. Whether you search with QuickSearch or in an individual database, there are many options to help you improve your search, like limiting to full-text or by date. Learn about some of the most helpful techniques in this Database Search Tips video or check out the resources on our Student Guide.

Some EBSCO links require additional sign in and passwords that I do not have

There should be no additional sign-in request if you have started your search directly from the library website and you are on campus. If you are off campus, however, you will get prompted once to sign-in in order to access the many library subscription databases and ebooks. If this does not happen and you are asked to log in with a database-specific account, contact Technical Services.

Even though articles are marked as “linked full text”, I still have to pay if I want to access the article. Around 40-50% of these are articles are not available unless I pay a fee.

While not every article in our collection is available in full-text, you’ve taken a wrong turn if you’re ever asked to pay for content. This frequently happens when searching in Google or Google Scholar, because they rely on (profit-seeking) publishers for information. (If you are ever asked to pay for an article while searching a Touro library database, something’s not right! Please take a screenshot and send it to Technical Services.) Occasionally, ArticleLinker will not work as expected when following the Full Text Online link. We apologize for the inconvenience, but there’s a pretty simple way to locate the article yourself using eJournals. Lastly, if it’s an article that we truly do not have subscription access to, the library can still get you a copy through our Inter-Library Loan service.

Hard to figure out some ebook databases in terms of searching for the topic you want

The best way to search for ebooks is actually through the library catalog, since it contains records for all of the ebooks we offer from each of the different databases. Just enter your keywords and select “TC E-Books” in the location field. This Finding eBooks video will help get you started.

Not enough copies of an ebook

The library does get records of turn-aways for ebooks, which means that more people wanted to read a book than we have purchased access for. When a book is very popular and has many turn-aways, if possible we buy more copies of them. In fact, we just bought additional copies of several titles last week for this reason, including An Introduction to Cognitive Psychology: Processes and disorders by David Groom and Robert R. Perkinson’s Addiction Treatment Planner.

There are over 3500 titles available in our Films on Demand collection
There are over 3500 titles available in our Films on Demand collection

Streaming Video collection needs more titles

We are constantly growing our streaming video collection. Recently we have increased the number of streaming media titles in the Films on Demand database. Users now have access to their History and Education subject area collections, which include 3548 titles. All streaming videos from all of the different databases can be searched at once in the library catalog when you select “TC E-Videos” in the location box.

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