Finding Full-Text: Alternative to Article Linker

Frustrated trying to find full-text? Read on to learn a foolproof method! (image via flickr)

ArticleLinker can be a little temperamental, I admit. We’re working on getting some of the kinks ironed out, but if you do run into any issues, there’s an alternative method you should know about. If you know of an article that you’d like to track down, you can do so using the publication (journal, magazine, or newspaper) title.

If you’ve found something in QuickSearch, this information is listed right below the author(s):2017-01-20-11_41_36-results-for-_the-influence-of-achievement-goal-orientations-and-task-concretenes

If you only have the title for an article, a quick Google search will usually bring up the complete bibliographic information. Once you’ve got the publication name, head over to the eJournal listing on the library website.2017-01-20-11_55_08-touro-college-libraries
Make sure you enter the exact title of the publication (or change the search option drop down to “title contains all words”). If Touro Libraries subscribes to the title, you will see information about which years are available from which databases. Look for the date you need, and click on a corresponding database.
You will typically be brought to a page listing all of the issues of the publication by year. Now, you can either navigate to the volume and issue you need or use the “search within this publication” tool to look it up by title and/or author. 2017-01-20-11_33_29-publications_-journal-of-experimental-education_-ebscohost
And voila! Click on PDF Full Text to read your article.
This is exactly what a librarian will do if you tell them you’re having trouble finding a copy of an article, so either you can take advantage of this trick of the trade yourself, or just open Ask A Librarian to let the librarian do their thing. Of course, if you ever run into a technical issue on the library website, you can report it using the Technical Support link at the bottom of every page, and we’ll do our best to resolve it for you and future users.

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