Touro Scholar: A New Way to Preserve and Disseminate Your Research Worldwide

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We’d like to take this opportunity, after mentioning it in several blog posts, to formally introduce you to one of our most exciting new services, Touro Scholar! Launched in April of this past year, Touro Scholar is the institutional repository of the Touro College & University System, including New York Medical College. This means it’s the online archive of all the scholarship our campuses are producing, and a new place to see lots of digitized materials from the Touro Institutional Archives. We’re pretty thrilled about it, and hope you will be too!

Some questions you might have:

Q: How is this different from the Faculty Publications Database?

A: The Faculty Publications Database is a database of citations, and we link to the full text when we can, but a lot of publications aren’t freely available. Touro Scholar is an open access institutional repository, and will include as much full text as we can get permission for! In addition, we’re allowing types of work on Touro Scholar that we don’t accept for the Database, such as poster presentations, student work, special projects, data sets, and more.

Q: Why should I allow my work to be posted on Touro Scholar?

A: There are several reasons! First of all, your work will be accessible to a worldwide audience – this is good for you, because openly available articles get cited more. Your research profile will be increased (which, incidentally, increases Touro’s prestige as well), and you’ll have more of an opportunity to collaborate with researchers you might not otherwise have been able to. You’ll be able to get statistics for your articles, too, so you can see who’s downloading your work around the world.

We also are committed to preserving all work placed on Touro Scholar – each record gets a persistent URL, so your work is always where it was. No broken links or 404 Not Found error pages!

Q: What about copyright?

A: Library staff members check all publisher policies before posting anything.  We do not post work we do not have the proper permissions for, ever.

Q: You’ve convinced me! How do I submit my work?

A: Currently, we are working on uploading selected recent works. We hope to be able to open up submissions to all Touro community members soon. Please contact Scholarly Communications Librarian Carrie Levinson for instructions on submitting your work to her. If you’re a NYMC faculty member, contact Metadata & Scholarly Communications Librarian Jovy O’Grady for information on submissions.

Q: I have another question that’s not listed here!

A: Check out our Touro Scholar Author FAQs here, and Policies and Procedures here. If your question still isn’t answered, contact Carrie Levinson.

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