5th Annual Faculty Author Reception

Professor of Art History Dr. Maya Katz discusses her research on the popular Russian cartoon, Cheburashka’s House of Friends

On November 10th the library hosted the annual Faculty Author Appreciation Reception.  The Touro College & University System authors have contributed to a worldwide increase in knowledge and awareness of their research topics.  To demonstrate how effective Touro scholars have become internationally, Carrie Levinson, Scholarly Communications Librarian displayed the new Touro Scholar digital repository. Touro Scholar is an online archive of our scholarship.   With this project, we will increase the visibility of our accomplished faculty, staff and students.  The library is very excited about this project.

Some of the faculty being honored look on during the presentation

Dr. Kadish, President of the Touro College & University Systems discussed the various citations and articles that are available on Touro Scholar.  Dr. Kadish was very enthusiastic about this protential for Touro Scholar to foster communication both among colleagues and with the larger academic community.

Patricia Salkin, Provost of the Graduate & Professional Divisions spoke about the importance of research and increasing the visibility of Touro researchers to other scholars and the public worldwide.

Dr. Maya Balakirsky Katz, Professor of Art History, presented an enchanting and humorous lecture on the research that she has done on Soviet animation and the production of an iconic cartoon, Cheburashka, from the former USSR.

Dr. Maya Katz and
Dr. Maya Katz and Dr. Zvi Kaplan

The reception and luncheon was well attended and enjoyed by all.  We look forward to hosting again next year, and we are grateful to the President’s office for encouraging and sponsoring the event.

Contributed by: Ms. Bashe Simon, Director of Libraries

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