Staff Profile: Joe Brown

New Bay Shore Librarian Joe Brown
New Bay Shore Librarian Joe Brown

Hello! I am Joe Brown, the new evening librarian at the Bay Shore School of Health Sciences.  I received my undergraduate degree in Cultural Anthropology and History from the University at Albany, in 2000.  Nine years later…I received my MLS from Queens College in 2009. In between these two degrees I was lucky enough to take part in many interesting employment adventures.  To share a little of my history, here are some snapshots.

I was a licensed whitewater rafting guide on the Salmon River in Idaho, navigating guests through the waters and wildlife of the Sawtooth Mountain Range.  There have since been a few challenging days in librarianship that have found me longing for a raft and a paddle!jb

While still out west, I served as an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow for one year. Americorps can be most easily described as a domestic version of the Peace Corps. I later worked as a substitute teacher in Portland, Maine.  Walking into a public school classroom, as “the sub,” remains one of the more daunting tasks I ever attempted!  Throughout these experiences, when money was short (always), I worked as a bartender and a waiter.  I suppose the most important thing, for me, was that I found so many learning opportunities amongst all of my stops along the path to librarianship!

I am really excited to have gotten an opportunity in the realm of academic librarianship.  Since receiving my MLS,  I have been working as a public librarian in Suffolk County for quite a few years, in both the Adult and Young Adult departments.  I had been hoping to find a professional opportunity working with college level patrons, and felt ready for a new experience. In a very broad sense, one-on-one patron interaction, regardless of the audience or objective, is easily my favorite facet of being a librarian.  There is such a reward in meeting somebody new and feeling like I may have been a small help to them in achieving their goals.  That being said, I am so very grateful to be joining the Touro Library Community!  I look forward to meeting new students, learning more about their respective fields of study, and helping them meet their goals.

My downtime finds me taking a long hike, reading a good book, visiting someplace new, trying to appreciate the people in my life, and planning the next adventure!

Contributed by: Joe Brown, Librarian, Bay Shore

2 thoughts on “Staff Profile: Joe Brown

  1. annettecarr August 24, 2016 / 11:16 am

    Hi – Welcome Joe. There are a lot of hiking fans here. Perhaps I’ll see you on one of the trails out east.

  2. Joe August 25, 2016 / 4:56 pm

    Hi -Thank you, Annette. I look forward to swapping trail thoughts for sure…it’s really neat how many hiking enthusiasts there are here.

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