Touro Makers Showcase 3D Creativity at LI Faire

Touro College OT student, Stephanie Jacobs, observing the freshly-printed items

On Saturday, June 4 a group of our library staff and faculty from the Touro College School of Health Sciences attended the Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire at Port Jefferson, NY.  We were very excited to share our 3D project, showcasing Touro College student creativity.

2016 Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire

We displayed the 3D printed assistive devices that the Touro occupational therapy students designed. One of our students, Stephanie Jacobs, was on hand to demonstrate how these items are used.

2                    Librarian Laurel Scheinfeld demonstrates the 3D printed prosthetic hand

Our 3D cyborg hand was printed in the Touro College Bay Shore library and assembled by Professor Blanche Leeman. This ‘Hulk’ like hand was a huge hit with all ages; everyone wanted to try it on and test it.  They quickly learned that it was not so easy to make a fist.  This led to sharing how valuable a printed 3D hand can be for a child who does not have a hand with digits, but can use their wrist to move the digit part of the cyborg hand, so that they can utilize a pincer movement to grasp their play toys.

3D printed “cyborg” hand

We also exhibited molded splints for neck, elbow, forearm and hand, which spurred interest in attendees as to how they are made and used.  In order for our occupational therapy students to practice using this splinting material they start off by making small simple items. This lets them get a feel for the material and how manipulative it can be when heated.

Small items like this flower allow students to get a feel how the materials can be manipulated and used

We featured a hands-on activity at the Maker Faire similar to the experience of a college student in Professor Leeman’s course at Touro.  Using thermoplastic splinting material, we helped attendees create small items, such as bracelets and key-chains.  The children loved it so much that we were kept busy the entire time and used up all the supplies we brought.  We estimate that we had over 200 participants at our booth!

As the Touro College Libraries’ relationship with the Occupational Therapy Department continues to grow through this project, so does Touro College’s ability to prepare their students for innovative work in their field.

Librarian Joan Wagner and Professor Blanche Leeman

Contributed by: Joan Wagner, Laurel Scheinfeld and Blanche Leeman.


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