Touro College of Dental Medicine Welcomes Its Inaugural Class

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Touro College recently opened the doors to a brand-new dental school, located on the NYMC campus in Valhalla, New York. Over 100 eager soon-to-be dentists had their orientation last week, and I was invited to come up to let them know about the many library resources that are available to them. Even if you’re not a dental student, most of the following applies to you too! Here’s a summary:

  1. The Touro College Libraries Website

Located at, this is the obvious place to start your research. It’s newly redesigned, and there are many ways to get there (type in the above URL, click on the link from TouroOne, find it under the Students link on the main Touro website, or you can Google it if you really need to).

  1. Contacting Us

There are many ways to ask a librarian for help and to find out what’s going on at the Libraries. We have chat services, email, Twitter, and the good old-fashioned phone. You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook, and of course, through this blog!

  1. Off-Campus Access

To access the online resources, such as e-books and databases, from home, you need an off-campus access account. To access it, click on the link under Services on the Touro Libraries page, or the icon that says Off-Campus Access. Choose your location (New York), fill out the short form, and you’re good to go!

  1. QuickSearch

This is a gigantic search bar in the middle of the Libraries website that allows you to search through most of our resources. Simply type in your search and get e-books, articles, and more.

  1. Databases

To specifically search for journal articles, the Touro Libraries have a shiny new dentistry database you can use. It’s the Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source (EBSCO) and can be found under Databases. You can search for full-text articles, and after you find them, you can use the button on the right to cite them in your research papers.

  1. Requesting Materials from Other Libraries

OK, we admit it. Even though we have hundreds of thousands of materials, very occasionally, you’re going to find something that we don’t have the full text for. What can you do in this case? Request it from another library! Fill out this form, and your material could be ready in 1-3 weeks (so don’t use this if you have a paper due the next morning!). The form can also be found under Services → Request Materials from Another Library (ILL).

  1. Dentistry and Citations LibGuides

LibGuides are a sort of “one-stop shop” for your subject-specific needs. We at the Libraries have created one just for dental students. It can be found under the LibGuides icon → scroll to Dentistry. It includes links to relevant databases, e-books, websites, and videos. We also have a LibGuide for Citing Sources, which is very handy when you have research papers, as it gives you tools to generate citations, and guides to how certain citation styles look.

We hope you had a great orientation week and wish you good luck with your studies!

Contributed by: Carrie Levinson, Librarian, Midtown

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