From Kew Gardens Hills to Bay Shore

We did have these at my last library!
We didn’t have these at my last library!

Touro libraries are not all the same. Are we one big family? Yes! Work very well together across the miles? Yes! Provide services to students and staff? Yes, again! However, there are still some pretty big differences between the locations. This is something I have a new perspective on after moving from librarian at the Lander College for Men to become Chief Librarian at the Bay Shore Campus in Fall 2015.
The general services we provide are the same across all campuses, but the specifics differ with the programs on each campus. Each academic program has specific tools and information needs. Sure, I realized that topics would be different, but I wasn’t totally prepared for the skeletons. That is, the anatomical and skeletal models that we provide for our health science students. The Bay Shore library has a nice inventory of tools for students to get hands on experience outside of class, including four skulls, two skeleton models, an ear, and an eye.

Anatomical models for the School of Health Sciences
Anatomical models for the School of Health Sciences

There are other differences in the collection due to the types of disciplines taught. With its Judaica program, Lander College for Men has some very old books, while Touro Health Science absolutely needs the most current texts when it comes to medical topics. Students in the health sciences are also more likely to do formal literature review assignments, rather than more typical research papers.

The most noticable difference in the students that I work with is that Lander College for Men is, of course, all-male, whereas the School of Health Sciences has a mixed community leaning towards female. Still, I quickly discovered we share many of the same students across Touro campuses, and found out how small the world is.  I have come across students not only from Lander College for Men but from two previous jobs at the Bentwood Public Library and the Katherine Gibbs School.

No matter which library Touro students use, we strive to provide a similarly helpful range of services. We are equipped with a full complement of office supplies, a first aid kit, and even ear plugs for studiers. Bay Shore also lends out white boards, markers, erasers and even iPads. Some locations open before college classes start and close after the last class lets out and provide longer hours during end of semester study periods. Any of our books can be requested from our different locations and will be delivered to your home library. We have an interlibrary loan van to make regular trips.

Although some of my work has changed, the consistent thing is that one never knows what one will do in the course of a day as a librarian.  We provide help any way we can–anything from learning how to get off-campus access and setting up Paper Cut to in-depth research questions, to requests for supplies. Sometimes students feel like they don’t want to bother us, but please do! We are waiting. Finding information and answer questions is fun for us. Have an odd request? Come on by. Need something? You just have to come to the library.

Contributed by: Joan Wagner, Chief Librarian, Bay Shore

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